"Just as the wind blows patterns in the sands, the cosmos blows patterns in the hands".
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v      Immediate Analysis                                        R 250.00 (markets / fayres only)

No prints are taken and both hands are analysed with immediate feedback which takes about 30 minutes

v      Detailed Analysis                                            R 500.00 (+-5 page written report for distant consultations only)

Prints are taken of both hands and analysed which takes about 30 minutes, thereafter feedback takes about 30 minutes (1hr total).  Life School , Purpose and Lessons are discussed, as well as talents, careers, etc.  Your prints are your report.  (+-5 page written reports for distant clients is emailed and includes a 30 min Q&A session by phone/email or in person)

v      Full Analysis & Life Print Identification        R 1000.00 (written report)

Prints and photographs are taken of both hands which taken about 15 minutes.  A detailed report is prepared which includes the identification of the finger print patterns, career and character associated with each print, Your Life School, Your Life Purpose and Your Life Lesson(s).  A fully comprehensive 20-30 page report is sent to you and includes a 60 minute Q&A session by phone/email or in person. This information can assist you to live your life’s passion.


Advance payment is required in all instances


Other Services:

v      Create a group offer with friends, colleagues, functions or parties         

I will visit you when you arrange a group of interested friends, colleagues or having a function or party.  At parties no prints will be taken and each session will be 10-15 minutes.  Outside of Johannesburg : travelling and accommodation might be applicable.  Special discounted rates apply.  A family group may include a written report if requested.

v      Long Distance

I will visit you in your area.  Invite a few interested friends or family and I will visit you at your home or area of choice. 

Option 1:  Special discounted rates apply for travelling distances outside of Gauteng borders.

Option 2: Arrange a workshop in your area where interested friends or a group can learn more about the use of Chirology.  Any Chirology topic can be presented at such a workshop.

Postal Service                                                 

How to obtain a copy of your fingerprints: 1) You can have the police take your fingerprints for you, 2) Zerox your fingerprints yourself (Hold your hands just a fraction off the glass plate for the best results). Be sure to copy your thumbs separately with the pad of your thumb showing down and fully visible, 3) use a cheap lipstick and take your own prints.


Send/EFT payment for each printed report you wish to order along with each set of finger/hand prints to me, by prior arrangement on 082 395 9962.  Within four weeks of receipt, your report will be either emailed or posted to you and may include any requirements like Your School of Life, Life Purpose and Life Lessons, and all the other aspects of your hand and character, including relationships, children, travel, emotional intellect, “special gift markings”, career and so much more ……. (this applied to all services excl. immediate analysis)


Please remember to include your contact details, telephone number, postal and email address (if available).  Also add any specific questions you need to have answered.


Advance payment is required in all instances


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