"Just as the wind blows patterns in the sands, the cosmos blows patterns in the hands".
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Finger Print Patterns - Psychology of the Soul - Dermatoglyphics


Psychology of the soul refers to the internal forces (prana) in each individual which is revealed by the Life School which we are born into.  Each finger print pattern reveals the Life School , Life Purpose and Life Lesson which is determined before birth, and is provided by the universe to achieve the full potential of the self.


The finger print patterns are permanent features and can be regarded as your fate or destiny in this life.  What can I do about my destiny?  This is where Chirology provides a link between what we have and what we do with what we have been given.  The Chirologist interprets the prints and guides the individual to their own unique path of freedom of choice.  Making us responsible for our own actions, by managing the blueprints etched on our hands.


Galtan (1822-1911) gave finger printing its scientific foundation, and calculated that 64 billion different patters are possible, which is about 4x the number of people on earth at this time.  The finger prints are present in the 4th month of pregnancy and after birth enlarge, but no changes in the formation takes place.  A few illnesses like leprosy and arthritis can damage the prints; no amount of surgery can remove the prints.  They are with us from birth until death.  Finger print patterns show the hereditary characteristics upon which the individual’s character is based and their arrangement displays the individual’s psychological characteristics, abilities and boundaries.


A child development clinic in Switzerland has made use of these finger prints as well as high schools in Oakland and large and small business all over America to determine Life’s Purpose – your reason for being!


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