"Just as the wind blows patterns in the sands, the cosmos blows patterns in the hands".
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Consultations are based on the principles of Chirology. Chirology consultations are provided for individuals, couples, families or in groups.

We are all unique, and chirology acknowledges this uniqueness, and by taking ink prints of your hands the brain provides the information which has been communicated on your hands. The Chirology session is intended to equip you with your natural inherent coping mechanisms. During the session you will be guided to utilise your own abilities and inner resources to address the issues currently preventing you from enjoying life.  The Chirology session is also not limited to the above areas of discussion and you may discuss any aspect of your life that you have questions on.

With the ancient knowledge of Chirology you will be guided to enjoy life in it's fullest.

Chirology sessions are R500/hr (this includes the ink prints of your hands)

For an appointment:
E-mail: info @cheirologist.co.za
Cell: 082 395 9962


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