"Just as the wind blows patterns in the sands, the cosmos blows patterns in the hands".
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CHIROLOGY combines ancient art and modern science to unlock messages the brain communicates through the lines, markings and other characteristics on the hands.

Ink prints and photographs of the hands are taken and these are then analysed in detail.

Some features like fingerprint patterns and the shape of the hand are permanent while others like the lines on the hand change daily. These changes can be brought about by stress, diet and exercise.

The permanent features reflect more of the individual’s lasting characteristics, while the changing features provide more information on current experiences.

The fingerprint patterns can provide information on hereditary predispositions and temperament while other patterns appearing on the palm can indicate specific talents such as an inherent talent for music or art, learning difficulties or an affinity for nature or animals.

The brain records this information before birth and continues to do so until the death of the individual.

The chirologist is able to decode the information the brain has etched on the hand.

The chirologist honours the uniqueness of each client by focusing on the specific information the client makes available by offering their hands for analysis.

It is important to remember that chirology is not palmistry, fortune telling or future predicting and thus cannot be used for that purpose.
Unlock the power within and be the master of: relationships, depression, trauma, bereavement, career choices, optimal living.  Identify your life purpose and life passion.  All questions and problems resolved.

While Chirology can also be called Palm Reading, Hand Analysis, Chiromancy, Chirosophy, etc.  the melting of art and science will unfold all of you!.

Chirology is not:
* Palmistry
* Fortune Telling
* Future Predicting




"Hands, whose shape and function are so intimately connected with the psyche, might provide revealing, and therefore interpretable, expressions of psychological peculiarity, that is, of human character." ~ Carl Jung

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